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Work from Home Solutions

*This page contains affiliate banners of membership services that provide employment opportunity listings.

The employment and business opportunities listed here are ones that I have found to be legitimate and reliable in terms of payment cycles. Depending on your needs, you may want to sign up for more than one company to generate a part or full time income. These opportunities offer flexible schedules and easy sign up processes. Great opportunities to make extra money.


The Chat Shop – This company is based in the UK and offers live chat positions. As a chat agent, you will assist customers in various sectors. Training is provided. The typing requirement is 80 wpm. You need to speak native English, possess good grammar skills, and the ability to construct sentences correctly. Must be able to work 35-40 hours per week. This is an international opportunity. For more information, visit here.

Data Entry 

Mturk – This is a work platform that offers opportunities for remote workers to complete small tasks for business owners. Tasks may include transcription work, data entry, writing, tagging images, research, and other specialized tasks. Instructions for each task are available. Some tasks require that you pass a brief qualification test. The pay varies and some job requesters load tasks onto the platform in large batches. You can request your pay as soon as you are paid or you can let it accumulate. This income source can be a savings fund if you don’t withdraw the money on a regular basis. You could also use it as a personal fundraiser to meet monetary goals you may have such as a vacation, tuition, business projects, and so on. Payout is available by direct deposit or Amazon gift cards.


TVC Marketing – This company offers associate opportunities. As an associate, you will introduce perspective customers to roadside assistance benefit membership packages. Each time you sign up a new member, you could earn up to $80 per referral. Pay is weekly by direct deposit. You can also recruit other associates and build a team. Training is provided in addition to free online marketing links and a website. You can market this business online or offline. This is a FREE business opportunity, and you can get started as soon as you fax your W-9 form to TVC Marketing. For more information, visit here.



SEO Content Writing

Textbroker – Freelance author and editor positions are available through this company. Client orders vary in pay based on the industry and your writing level experience. No experience is required to get started. The sign up process is quick, and you can begin writing after you’re approved. Promotions, direct orders, and bonuses are available. This is an independent contractor position. You will receive a 1099 form each year for tax reporting. With consistency and hard work, you could achieve a full time income. Weekly payouts are every Friday via Paypal.¬† If you’re not an experienced writer, you can sign up to take writing courses through the Textbroker University.



Crowdsurf Work – This company offers part-time media transcription positions. Training is provided and bonuses are available. Transcription tasks involve typing conversations from interviews, news and sports broadcasts, university lectures, conference calls, and other media content. Pay is per task which may range from .08 to .12 cents per video or audio recording. Weekly bonuses range from $1.25 up to $50. Promotions are available based on performance and consistency. This position can provide extra income for groceries, phone bills, gas, or other expenses. Pay is daily via Paypal, Work Market debit card, or direct deposit. For more information, visit here.






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Work from Home Solutions

*This page contains affiliate banners of membership services that provide employment opportunity listings. The employment and business opportunities listed here are ones that I have found to be legitimate and […]

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