Streamline Exercise with a 10 Minute Workout

Life can be hectic with so many responsibilities. When your day starts, you probably get overwhelmed thinking about everything you have to do, and after completing a few things on your to do list, you may look up only to realize that the end of the day is almost near. This can be disappointing especially if you’re trying to make important health changes such as eating more healthy foods and adding a regular exercise routine to your schedule.

The constant messages of the importance of healthy lifestyle changes seem to blare on so many commercials along with prescription medication ads that are available to control chronic illnesses that may have crept into your life unexpectedly. The sense of guilt every time you eat something that has an excessive amount of sugar or salt might also make you feel worse. Well, don’t lose hope, here’s a way you can incorporate some exercise into your day if you don’t have time to go for a long walk or spend time in the gym, and it’s free!

Use Social Media to Start Exercising

Putting off exercise can wreck havoc on your body, however, if you peruse social media frequently throughout the day, opt for channels that can increase your physical productivity such as YouTube. Instead of checking out the latest gossip, or other trending topic that may take up a significant amount of your time, find an exercise video.

A few years I was injured in an auto accident and acquired a neck and back injury. As a result, I have to find ways that can reduce the discomfort while trying not to overexert the injured areas. Recently I found a couple videos on YouTube, one is uploaded by a Physical Therapy doctor who gives tips on neck exercises, and another is titled “Best Cardio Exercises for Losing Weight with a Bad Back” on the Jessica Smith TV YouTube channel. The latter is a ten or eleven minute video which focuses on various exercises such as:

• Mid-core and posture strengthening

• Side to side step movements

• Leg bicep curls

• Lunge swing exercises

If you don’t have 30 minutes to spare at one time, spread out this type of workout, and do it two or three times a day, or just once if that’s enough for you. Jessica also has other videos available which focus on bad knees, indoor power walking, thigh exercises, ab exercises, and other areas you may be interested in.

Be Careful

If your body is in fairly good condition, you may feel comfortable with various strengthening exercises. However, if you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure or an injury, use caution when trying new exercises. When searching for exercise videos, try keywords such as low stress exercises, exercises to lower blood pressure, exercises for back pain, etc. Don’t try to do what someone else is doing if you have a condition that requires medical monitoring.

Get Moving

A lot of pain and inflammation is due to lack of movement. You don’t have to exercise a lot, but do something to move your muscles because they can get stiff and slow down circulation. Moving your neck from the left to the right and looking in either direction for a few seconds is a good way to improve concentration especially if you’ve been sitting at a computer for several hours. Rotating you feet can also be a good way to improve circulation and reduce swelling. When your legs are situated in one position for a prolonged period, you could have difficulty walking as fast as you desire. So if you find yourself sitting for an extended period of time, take a break and get up, stretch your legs, and do some work while standing up.

Drink Plenty of Water

When you exercise, your body can become dehydrated very quickly. Make sure to drink at least a cup of water before and after your exercise sessions. You want to avoid becoming lightheaded or nausea.

Make Exercise a Goal

You may admire the physiques of others who have been committed to exercising for many years and wish that you could look the way that they do. While wishing is easy, commitment in this area for many is not always easy. If you’re a goal-oriented person, but your goals are always in other areas, shift your thinking about exercise. Instead of thinking about it as a chore, think of it as a long-term health investment. The return you’ll receive is likely to be stronger bones, lower blood pressure, a strong heart, and a leaner contour.

Whatever you decide to do, try to stay committed to at least ten minutes a day. Your body will get use to the mobility, and you’ll feel a lot better. You never know, you may not have to take those pain relievers as often as you thought because your joints and muscles just needed a little attention.

Take care and happy exercising!


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