Earn Extra Money with Low Effort Mental Work

If you’re in need of extra income, you may be looking for something in your occupation field or some other second income stream that requires a lot of your expertise. If you work a full-time job, your energy level may be waned when you get home, leaving you with little brain power to execute your best strategies. Despite an innate need to feel empowered when the efforts of your work is attached to important titles and duties, you also need time to rest mentally.

Recharge for Your Best Working Hours

If you spend a lot of time writing, developing, or studying, your mind will shift into neutral before you realize it. You may even find yourself staring at your computer trying to form sentences and calculate statistics with nothing to glean from your mental storage bank. This can be difficult especially when you have bills to pay. This stalling phase can also be thought of as writer’s block, but it can also be applied to other fields of work.

You may find that your best working hours are during the morning or early afternoon. Whatever your mind’s preference is, make every effort to get the majority of your work done during those hours. The latter part of your day can be used to build a side business or perform odd jobs that don’t require a lot of brain power or manual labor.

Types of Low Effort Mental Work

There are various online sites that recruit workers for small tasks. These sites may need assistance with data entry, chat moderation, order entry, media transcription, video watching, or other simple tasks. Any task that does not require you to come up with the idea, sentence, or answer provides a way for your brain to rest. For example, I do a little data entry work to supplement income and while I’m doing the work, I can listen to videos or music. My fingers and eyes are moving, but my brain is relaxing.

Direct sales businesses offer a chance for you to relax although a little manual labor may involved in setting up your business products for events. This type of work allows your creativity to come forth. You can set up your business table the way you like it and create sales material on sites like Vistaprint . Sites like Teespring and Teechip also allow you to design t-shirts and sell them. You can let your creative side flourish with different t-shirt colors and styles.

If you’re an avid book reader, you can earn extra money providing book reviews for authors who need opinions about their work. This type of work can pay up to $60 per review. So if you prefer to wind down your day with a good book, you can sign up at Kirkus, Any Subject, or The Online Book Club.

Make Money Through Apps

If you’re interested in almost effortless work, apps are a good way to go. Inbox Dollars has an app that you can use to earn money while watching videos. This site will also pay you a bonus of $5.00 for signing up.

Become a Grocery Shopper

Okay, I know this job may require a little work, but you get to choose your availability. Shipt is a grocery delivery company that I’ve been using for a while. I’m able to order online and the shopper picks up my order then delivers it to my home. The shoppers seem to enjoy their work, and I’ve been satisfied with their communication. This job pays up to $25 per hour. You can find out more information by clicking here.

Do Landscaping Work

You may not be a lawn cutting expert or have the best green thumb, but doing a little landscaping work can be a good way to exercise while keeping your lawn in shape.

Become a Crafter

Crocheting and knitting is an excellent way to mentally refuel yourself because this activity allows you to learn new patterns. The process is very therapeutic and according to Kathryn Vercillo, crocheting helps reduces depression, anxiety, dementia, insomnia, and improves your mood.

While gaining the benefits you may desperately need from crocheting or knitting, you can also use online platforms such as Etsy or Ebay to sell your handmade artwork.

Your Brain will Thank You

All work is important and should be valued in every way. However, there is some work that is more mentally taxing than other work. I’ve been doing SEO Content Writing for about five years.  After a while I began to experience writer’s block. So I understand how taxing a lot of mental work can be.

So often we think that everything we do in life has to be grueling or hustle and grind related. Contrary to the thought, I’ve discovered that there are some people who are making tens of thousands of dollars doing unconventional or nontraditional type work.

Whatever type of work you do, make sure to include a little creative work that will help you rechannel built up frustration from other demanding responsibilities in your life.

Streamline Your Way to Happiness!

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