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Problem Analysis & Resolution Ideas

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Planning Strategies

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Organization Skill Development

Time Management and Cost Savings Suggestions

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Stephanie Renee

I am a SEO Content Developer. I have a Master of Science in Information Resources Management, a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor […]

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Home page

  Dilemma A situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives (www.dictionary.com). Life can be hectic with all the responsibilities you have and running a household can be a non-stop […]

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Here are a few books that I’ve written to help you with planning and other issues that may arise unexpectedly. This 200-page journal is a guide that can help you […]

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Work from Home Solutions

*This page contains affiliate banners of membership services that provide employment opportunity listings. The employment and business opportunities listed here are ones that I have found to be legitimate and […]

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Hi there, I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to send a message to the email address listed here, I will contact you at my earliest convenience. […]

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