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You may be thinking of ways to reduce expenses in order to increase your personal revenue. While this task is not always easy, it is possible. If you’ve thought about starting a business and decided to forego the process due to the expenses exceeded your budget, there is a way you can avoid the overhead costs that’s associated with brick and mortar businesses.

TVC Marketing aka The Vital Connection has an opportunity that allows you to work from home, set your own schedule, and get paid every Friday by direct deposit. The set-up is FREE. When you sign up as an associate, you’ll get:

• FREE website with landing pages
• FREE training
• FREE social media links
• Associate support
• Associate back office

This is a W-9 independent contractor position which means you are responsible for paying your annual taxes.

TVC Marketing offers roadside assistance benefit plans for regular drivers and commercial truck drivers. These benefit plans provide drivers with the extra security that’s needed while traveling.

While auto insurance provides coverage for traffic accidents, there are other situations that can create financial nightmares such as running out of gas, vehicle breakdowns, traffic violations, and other situations that your auto insurance company will not pay for.

Motor Club of America is a subsidiary of TVC Marketing. MCA has more than 7 million members who enjoy unlimited roadside assistance. These benefits include:

• Emergency towing up to 100 miles
• Fuel delivery
• Jump starts
• Lockout service

Benefits are also provided if you are involved in an auto accident and need assistance with legal fees. As a member you’ll receive:

• Up to $2,000 for attorney fees
• $200 for moving violations
• $500 for personal injuries
• $500 for vehicle damage
• $2,000 for vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide
• Arrest bond – $500 for Cash Appearance Bond
• Bail bond – up to $25,000 for auto accident related arrests

Additional vehicle benefits include a $5,000 stolen vehicle award, up to $500 for rental car expenses, and up to $500 for food, lodging, and transportation if you’re stranded more than 50 miles away from home.

MCA also offers members benefits for medical services and other travel related expenses such as:

• 20-50% discounts for doctor visits, dental care, vision care, hearing services, and hotel accommodations
• $500 emergency room visit for auto accident-related injuries
• Daily hospital benefit of $150 per day for covered accident
• $10,000-$50,000 accidental death benefit
• 24/7 worldwide emergency medical travel assistance services
• Patient Advocate Health Assurance Services

These benefits can certainly come in handy when you’re traveling and short on funds. There are more benefits included in the membership plans which are available at these monthly rates:

• Security Plan – $9.95 per month (that’s just 33 cents per day or $2.49 a week)
• Security Plus Plan – $14.95 per month (that’s just $.50 per day or $3.74 per week)
• Total Security Plan – $19.95 per month (that’s just $0.67 per day or $4.99 per week)

You may already have a roadside assistance plan but it’s limited. MCA’s unlimited roadside assistance plans are affordable and generous when it comes to protecting members. For more information about these plans and the sign up process visit:

The best thing about being a member is the first hand experience you’ll have with receiving the roadside service. As a result, you’ll be able to tell others not only about the membership plan benefits, but your service experiences.

I wanted to give you an overview of what you would be informing prospective members about and the plans that you can take advantage of to protect yourself and your passengers. Becoming an TVC Associate is FREE and you do not have to be a MCA or ProDriver member to start making money now.

However, the more familiar you are with the product, the more comfortable you will be explaining it to others.

The Compensation Plan

TVC Marketing offers Associates a generous compensation plan. Whether you choose to promote MCA or TVC-ProDriver, you’ll be paid very well. For example, for each new MCA roadside assistance or ProDriver member you sign up you’ll receive up to $80 per referral depending on which plan the customer selects. TVC Marketing pays its associates advanced commission which works like this:

• $9.95 (New member pays first and last month fee = $19.90) Your commission = $40
• $14.95 (New member pays first and last month fee = 29.90) Your commission = $60
• $19.95 (New member pays first and last month fee $39.90) Your commission = $80

The ProDriver membership plan helps commercial truck drivers protect their CDL license, If you’re a truck driver or know someone who is a truck driver, read more about the plan here.

Marketing Strategies

The automotive roadside assistance benefits market is unlimited since there are so many drivers. While some businesses are restricted to their market reach because the service is primarily local, this business opportunity is nationwide and available in the United States, and Canada.

You can work online or offline. You can connect with friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, email, or other online venues. Although these channels can reach massive amounts of people instantly, you don’t want to leave out neighbors, neighborhoods, and local businesses which may not be active on social media.

You can expand your marketing territory by creating marketing materials on Vistaprint. Canvas your neighborhood or surrounding areas and place door hangers on door knobs.

This strategy can really get the attention of home and business owners because a door hanger is separated from the regular mail. However, if you prefer to distribute postcards, you can have USPS deliver your postcards.

You just need to visit and click on the Every Door Direct Mail program under the Business tab. You can also target supermarkets, beauty or barber shops, mechanic repair shops, schools, or churches and leave rack cards. Your creative marketing skills can be utilized to the fullest as long as you abide by the marketing rules and guidelines.

If don’t have the funds to create marketing materials, and you’re active on social media, use your platforms as a starting ground to expand your business until you can afford to market offline. Word of mouth advertising is also a free marketing option. Just give a little introduction and direct people to your website.

The economy is steadily fluctuating and the ability to cover basic expenses can be overwhelming. If you’re working full-time, consider an opportunity like this to help you increase savings for a rainy day.

If you don’t have a job, test it to see if it’s something you’ll like to do on a long term basis. The more eggs you have in your basket, the more equipped you’ll be to handle unexpected expenses.

If you’re interested in starting your new FREE Business now, there’s no waiting time. Sign up today and follow these steps:

1. Register here:

2. Fax a completed and signed W-9 tax form to (405) 233-3940

3. Follow the instructions regarding your new website and other guidelines provided in your welcome email.

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