Outsource Your Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a task that requires careful planning and budgeting. If you have a surplus of funds, you may be able to afford any type and quantity of food you desire. On the other hand, you may be like most shoppers who have to stay abreast of sales to make the most of your shopping experience.

Time is another factor that must be included in the grocery shopping equation. You must decide if you will go during morning hours, around lunch time, or in the evening. Whichever time you decide to go, grocery shopping can be stressful especially if you have other things to do.

If you’re looking for a better way to streamline this task, you should consider outsourcing your grocery shopping. Now, I know you may be thinking “how can I outsource my grocery shopping?” This term is usually associated with companies who outsource service departments overseas to reduce domestic operation expenses. However, this function can also be applied to your personal life.

How It Works

Shipt is a company that I learned about through a news broadcast a couple of weeks ago. A regional grocer that has numerous locations within my state has partnered with this company to help customers who cannot get to their local area Meijer store for various reasons. This third party company hires individuals as independent contractors to shop for customers.

When you register as a new member, you will have the opportunity to pay for a monthly or yearly membership. The monthly plan is $14 and the yearly plan is $99. The service can be accessed via mobile or desktop app. When you log in, you start shopping like you would normally do on other websites. Once you have finished shopping and paid for your order, your request will be submitted to an available shopper who will fulfill your request and deliver the order to your home.

The Benefits of Outsourced Grocery Shopping

If you’re always busy and thought about what would it be like to have a personal assistant or an extra pair of hands to help you, here’s an opportunity to have your desire met. On the contrary, you may be a little hesistant to release this duty to someone else because nobody can shop the way you do. However, there are several benefits that this service offers that may broaden your perspective such as:

• If you have limited physical mobility, you can reduce the pain or discomfort that occurs from walking on hard grocery store floors

• You can adjust your shopping cart quickly when you’re close to exceeding your budget.

• You don’t have to calculate the items as you shop because the system will add the prices for you.

• Free shipping is available when your order is over $35.00.

• You can avoid stressful traffic especially during winter.

• Meal planning becomes easier when you’re able to review recommended products

If you’re not very good at grocery shopping no matter how hard you try, here are a few books to help you plan meals and stretch your budget.

Author Randall Putala provides insight about value buying. You’ll learn how to select food that will fit your budget, and how to avoid purchasing items that are highly marketed. If you’re a novice at using coupons, this book provides tips on how to use coupons and how to leverage your time.

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Authors Jayson Calton, PhD, & Mira Calton provide a step by step grocery aisle guide that helps you distinguish between quality food and poor choices. You’ll not only be able to create a shopping list that is health conscious, but one that caters to your taste buds.

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I have not used the Shipt grocery delivery service yet because the launch date in my local area is September 15th, but I look forward to evaluating the service and updating you about my experience. If you’ve been overwhelmed for quite some time and wished you had more help, now you can receive a little help from Shipt. The service is budget friendly and your grocery orders can be delivered in less than one hour. Try it and see how you like it. Let’s me know about your experience.

Please note that this service is not offered in every state. Check the website for current availability.

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